3 Tips to Boost Your Blog Posts Organic Ranking

If you’re into marketing, you probably know about content marketing. Chances are you are even probably doing it. You have published a good number of blog posts, but are they driving traffic to your website?

While the #1 spot on Google is normally owned by high authority websites like CNN, Forbes or Entrepreneur, it’s still possible to rank high. Whether it is the #1 page or the second page of Google, it can only help.

Here are 3 tips to get your blog posts to rank higher on Google.

#1 – Optimize your blog posts

These are the basics. If you want to rank higher on Google, you have to make sure you do these simple things.

  • Optimize your keywords – Make sure you focus on long-tail keywords. Use synonyms so your blog post is not repetitive.
  • Optimize your title – Your keyword should be in your title, and as much as possible on the left of it.
  • Optimize your URLs – Marketing studies show that shorter keyword rank higher in Google.
  • Optimize your images – When putting an image in a blog post, always make sure that the alt is related to your keyword and relevant.
  • Optimize your links – A good link strategy will always help to build the authority of your blog posts. Link internally to other of your blog posts. Linking to external websites will also help.

#2 – Use social media

As much as Google never really reveal their ranking factors, there are multiple studies that show that social signals can help a blog post to rank higher. Not only it will help you rank higher, but it will also help you get a spike in traffic.

You should always be promoting your blog posts on your social media pages. Getting likes, shares and comments will definitely help you rank higher in Google.

#3 – Rank higher with better CTR

CTR (Click through rate) is a signal that shows Google that your blog post is what the reader is looking for. The higher your CTR is, the more likely Google will think it is valuable for their users.

Now how do you increase the CTR of your blog posts? With the title!

Everybody judges books by their cover. Everybody clicks articles by their titles. Make sure you craft interesting, attractive and powerful titles. Get people to want to click your blog posts. The higher your CTR will be, the higher your blog posts will rank.