The 9 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media is important, for all businesses. Here are 9 rules that every brand should live by, in order to improve their online presence – and most importantly – their profits.

1. The Law of Focus

It’s all about focus. So many brands try to use 12 different social media platforms because some guru told them to do so. You will have more chances to build a strong brand if you choose a strategy focused on only 3 or 4 different platforms. Also, make sure you know your focus in terms of demographics and audience. Be something to someone instead of everything to no one.

2. The Law of Reciprocity

It’s not always about YOU. Sometimes, you have to repost/share other people’s content and interact with it. That being said, people will return the favor and share your content. In marketing, this strategy is called RECIPROCITY.

3. The Law of Acknowledgment

You wouldn’t ignore someone who reaches out to you in person so don’t ignore them online. Building relationships is one of the most important parts of social media marketing success, so always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

Would you ignore someone who tells you hello in the street? Would you ignore someone who would congratulate you on your success on the phone? It is not different online: Acknowledge them and reply back.

4. The Law of Influence

A good portion of your time should be dedicated to finding online influencers within your industry and reaching out to them. If you connect with them in a relevant and authentic way, you have a good chance of having them to repost your content and products.

Paying them to repost your products can also be a great investment. I’ve seen brands get 500% direct sales ROI when getting influencers to talk about their products. You’ll grow sales and audience – which are the two biggest pillars of business nowadays.

5. The Law of Listening

Success with social media and content marketing is about more listening and less talking. Focus on reading your target audience’s online content and join the conversation! Social media is not about spamming people, it’s about joining the conversation so people feel you’re authentic! Improve their lives.

6. The Law of Patience

It takes time. It took me 4 years to get 200k followers on Instagram. We always glorify the overnight successes, but you can’t predict that. Leverage your energy to build a long-term strategy, have a 20-year vision and focus on building a quality audience. Sometimes the longer it takes, the longer it will last and the more quality your audience will be.

7. The Law of Quality

Just as the law of patience, it’s all about quality. Sometimes I like to tell people you only need a thousand true fans. Quality trumps quantity. If you can find 1,000 fans who read, interact and share your content, you’re on your way to success. Focus on building an audience that will follow you for 20 years and more.

8. The Law of Value

Care less about conversions and more about creating amazing content that brings value to people’s lives. Like Gary Vaynerchuk explains in one of his books, it’s all about jabbing before giving the right hook. Every day, ask yourself how you can bring more value to your audience. Over time, people will find interest in your products and see you as an authority. Conversions and sales will come in due time.

9. The Law of Accessibility

Don’t just create content, then disappear for 1 month. Be available. Be accessible. Publish, answer, interact, discuss, repeat. Publish again. And so on. Social media has so much noise and your audience won’t have trouble replacing you if you don’t keep the ball rolling. Be there every day for them.