Your job as a marketer

Your job as a marketer is to create content, today. Right now. Yesterday. 

Shit, it's too late.

You know? 

We never put out enough content. 

If you didn't produce or publish any content today for the brand you're marketing, you are not helping its growth. 

The more content you put out there, the more chances there are for someone looking for you to find you. It also means more chances for you to position yourself (AKA your brand). 

Here are some content ideas for you: 

  • Starting a YouTube Channel
  • Producing a short video promoting your brand
  • Creating a new page on your website
  • Writing a blog post - or starting a blog if you don't have one
  • Writing a Medium post
  • Creating a new original Pinterest board
  • Tweeting more - and if you're a personal brand you could go on a Twitter rant
  • Writing a free ebook
  • Starting a new Instagram page that tells a story related to your brand
  • Uploading your last keynote as a Slideshare
  • Answering questions on Quora
  • Become a guest-blogger
  • Get a journalist or a blog to talk about you
  • Get invited on a Podcast
  • Write a review on another website (and link to your website as where people can find you)
  • Create an Instagram story episode
  • Write a case study
  • Get a rapper to rap about you (yeah, funny. But it could work)
  • Give 10 flyers in the street to pedestrians (yep, that's content too - and it works)

Create more. We never create enough. 

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Jules Marcoux