What I Start my Day With


I believe that if you want to be great at what you do, and do great work, you need to stay in touch with relevant news from your industry. This allows you to get new ideas, stay informed about trends, and put in execution better strategies. 

And the things is, you can't do it only once in a while. You need to consistently stay alert and have your eyes open to news and trends. 

This is why I now try to always start my day with this: I simply go to Google News, and I type "marketing news"... that's it! Then, I try to read at least three to four relevant articles that can help me start my day smarter and more informed about the marketing industry. 

I believe it is my duty to do so. For the sake of my passion, and who works with me. 

If you're not doing it yet, I urge you to spend 5 minutes a day doing so. 

Jules Marcoux