The Power of Commitment

In marketing, there is something called the principle of commitment. And it is very powerful.

Sometimes, we try to get our clients or prospects to do something for us - Whether it is to buy our products, to refer us, to talk to their friends about us, or to share our blog posts. 

In his book Influence, Robert Cialdini explains that humans have the need to be consistent with their actions. That it is seen as a characteristic of a balanced and stable person. We strive to be consistent with our past actions, sometimes subconsciously. 

That being said, if you try to have your clients to make a large purchase from you, how can you have them to make a small purchase? This increases your chances to get them to buy from you more in the future. 

Even better: how can you have them to do business with you for free? Maybe... subscribing to your email list? Giving a like on your facebook page? Answering a Twitter poll?

How can you make the first step easier to take? How can you make that first step smaller to take for them? 

Get your prospects and audience to do small commitments before asking them to do bigger ones. Step by step, you might change the world. 

Jules Marcoux