24 things.

  1. Learn from the past then forget it.
  2. The only thing that really exists is now. Take care of today before anything else.
  3. Know where you're going but accept the fact that you don't know where you're really going.
  4. Nothing really matters as much as you think it does. Stop overthinking.
  5. People will save themselves before saving you.
  6. Be attached to goals, not people.
  7. Greed is good.
  8. Discipline is freedom.
  9. Being creative is not having ideas. It is creating things.
  10. Save your energy only for the things you can control.
  11. The only person who's gonna give you everything is yourself.
  12. If you don't work for it, stop being jealous of others having what you want.
  13. The only way to make money is to sell something.
  14. Never trust someone with his words. Trust someone with his actions.
  15. You can do anything. 
  16. The more people will talk about you, the less they will talk to you.
  17. Be a good human being. 
  18. Give more than you ask for. That's how you get it.
  19. Money is not good or bad. Money is just a piece of paper that can buy things.
  20. Wake up early. 
  21. Reading is happiness. 
  22. The only way to really succeed is to do a great job. The rest will follow.
  23. Love your family.
  24. Family doesn't mean blood. Blood doesn't mean family. 

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Jules Marcoux