Yes, these 5 offline marketing strategies are still relevant today

In the last few years, marketers have turned their attention to online marketing. They jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, then the Snapchat one, they started to invest more on Google Adwords, and all that. But what about offline marketing? Have we lost focus? Have we started to ignore offline marketing thinking it's not relevant anymore?

Does offline marketing still work? Short answer: Yes. 

Let me pay tribute to some old-school (and cost-effective) strategies that still work today. 

1. Dropping business cards everywhere

You can order and print business cards for a very affordable price. I personally don't have a business card, but I believe it can work for you. Slip them into relevant books or magazines at the dentist' office, pass them to your neighbours, or pin them to bulletin boards.

This is a sure way to start your marketing at an effective cost. 

2. Donate your products or services to a good cause

A good way to help your brand build a good reputation, reach new people and get the word out there is to offer your products or services for free to a local cause. Getting your brand associated with charitable organizations is something the web can't do to your brand. At least you'll create a smile on the face of those who receive what you have to offer. 

3. Communicate with print publications

When people read it in the press, they believe it more than when they see it on the web. It's real life!

Even if the online media is on the rise, print publications still get its fair share of readers. Contact local journalists and tell them your story and let them know why they should talk about you. 

Quick tip: journalists are looking for stories. So don't pitch your product. Tell them your unique story. 

4. Pick up the phone!

It's time to pick up the phone. I know plenty of business owners who grew their business significantly in 2017, without even using online marketing. All they did is put up a list of potential customers and call them up.

Cold calling in 2018 will still be relevant. And if I would have to make a bet, you'll even see more results as the online marketplace gets more and more saturated. 

Quick tip: tailor every call. Do your research and do not read a script. 

5. Host an event

Back at the beginning of this year when I hit 200k followers on my Instagram page, I decided to host a party to celebrate it. I created a lot of connections from it and it even generated buzz online. This Halloween, I organized an influencer party that generated more than 1 million impressions for my brand and helped me associate my name with local influencers. 

Hosting a party or celebratory event to share your successes can be a great idea. 

Make sure to invite local journalists, influencers, loyal customers and business partners. This can help you boost your brand, generate buzz and solidify your business relationships. 


Sometimes it's a good idea to shut down your computer, get out there and make it happen. Offline marketing is crucial if you want to grow a solid brand. 

As I like to say: you can't win online if you're not offline, you can't win offline if you're not online.

Happy marketing! 

Jules Marcoux