The Overnight Success

The media loves them. It’s sensational. It sells.

Marketers are looking for viral campaigns. Musicians are looking for hits. Authors are looking for best-sellers. Filmmakers are looking for blockbusters.


What if your favourite artist released a thousand songs before its first hit? What if your favourite author published ten books before its best-selling one? What if the blogger you read every day wrote a thousand articles before you discovered him?


We have to do the work.

Mozart composed 626 pieces in his lifetime. He began when he was 5 years old.

Picasso did around 50,000 artworks in his lifetime.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays.

Stephen King wrote 204 books as of now.

We have to do the work. I think I’ve already said that.

Do the work every day, as small as it seems to you. Publish, sing, release, play, act, build, work.

And one day, they will tell you you’re an overnight success.

Jules Marcoux