I'm an entrepreneur, marketer and author from snowy Quebec City.

For over 7 years, I've helped a great deal of brands to grow, be more creative and stay remarkable. I've expanded my work within various industries across Canada, the United States and Europe. Whether it is by getting a book #1 on Amazon, helping a rapper get millions of views on YouTube, by making a new Shopify Store one of the 4% best stores on the web, or by helping Ellen Degeneres' DJ Stephen tWitch Boss craft its new brand identity, every project I work on deserves my signature. 

I love to invest in groundbreaking ventures, write books, and give life to my crazy ideas. I currently act as the VP/CMO of Outgo.com - where I am as well an active shareholder - an online marketplace where local businesses can sell their best experiences. 

My work has been featured in The Huffington PostLe SoleilMashableLa PresseInfluencive, Les Affaires, and in many other publications. 

Wanna talk? I'm always open to new opportunities. Email me at hello@julesmarcoux.com