How Can I Market My Startup? A Simple Marketing Checklist.

If you’re starting a startup (I love how this sounds), marketing is more important than ever. Well, it will always be important. But when you are just launching your company, nobody – or almost – knows about you. This means one thing: you’re on a mission to get the word out about your service or product.

You’re probably asking yourself: How can I market my startup? How can I get people to know about it?

Here’s a checklist, dressed as a simple bulleted list, that will help you spark ideas for your startup marketing.

  • Create a simple website – no need to be fancy.
  • Get some links to your website. This will help your website to rank higher in Google.
  • Make sure you have a beautiful logo. It’s a long-term investment – trust me.
  • Create an Instagram, a Facebook, and a Twitter page. Follow people there and interact with other accounts like there is no tomorrow.
  • Start a blog. Blogging is a very cheap marketing strategy that will attract the right audience to your company website.
  • Keep writing blog articles. Yep. Starting a blog is a good idea but it won’t get you anywhere if you’re not constant with your publications.
  • Build your email list. Email is still one of the most powerful and profitable marketing channels. Leverage it.
  • View 100 new LinkedIn profile per day. This is one of my favorite hack these days. When you view a LinkedIn profile, people get a notification. They’ll probably look at what you do and visit your website. Ta-dam! Free traffic.
  • Reach out to influencers. Send them products.
  • Reach out to bloggers.
  • Reach out to journalists.
  • Reach out to industry leaders.
  • Keep reaching out to whoever could be useful.
  • Install Google Analytics on your website. It’ll help you
  • Start business contacts on Facebook. A lot of people will tell you that Facebook is not the place for business, but I’ll tell you the complete opposite. Most of my business contacts came from me simply reaching out to them on Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook ad that promotes your product clearly. Stop trying to be fancy again. Make it clear what you’re selling and put it in front of the right audience.
  • Create a Facebook retargeting ad. People might not buy from you or reach out the first time. Make sure you’re always in their face.
  • Invest in Google Adwords.
  • Reach out to potential customers. Probably said this one more than one time, but when you’re on a budget and need people to know about it, there’s nothing more powerful than taking your phone or emailing potential customers.

This list could have been ten times longer. Probably a hundred times too. Every product and every service require different strategies and tactics. But these are good pointers for you to start with. Do these things right first and other ideas will come.

GET OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope it helps.