Want to Pump Up Product Sales in 2017? Here’s How.

Wondering how you could pump up your product sales in 2017? It might be by selling directly to your customers on your social pages.

Every day, people open up their social accounts more and more. And every day, they use social media to make purchase decisions. Nowadays, brands use social platforms to promote their products, but many are missing out on the opportunity of selling directly on the platforms.

As marketers, it is our duty to reduce friction as much as possible and remove unnecessary steps for customers to checkout. Selling directly through social media can reduce friction and purchase abandonment.

According to the Baymard Institute, a lot of reasons can lead to checkout abandonment, but most of them include checkout complexity, trust, and price issues. Selling directly on your social channels can help solve these turnoff by showcasing products’ price upfront, simplifying the checkout experience and adding social proof to the equation.

Right now it is possible for brands to start selling directly on social with tools such as shoppable tags on Instagram, where clicking a tag on an Instagram photo will take you to a checkout page to complete the transaction. Other tools like Facebook Shop with Shopify or Buyable pins on Pinterest are giving the marketers this opportunity too.

Note that some of these tools are not totally rolled out for everyone right now.

buyable pins
Pinterest buyable pins

I’m guessing that 2017 will be the year where product brands will need to start selling a lot more directly to customers on their social channels. Jumping on this trend will help you reduce checkout abandonments and pump up your sales.

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