A Lesson From Time Square

I was in Time Square tonight and I was awed by how many ads there were. I was literally staring at hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising. But people were paying attention only to a couple of them.

It made me realize something: if you want to play the advertising game, you need to stand out.

But how do you make your advertisements stand out? Here are 3 tips that will help you.

Use a powerful headline

When reading the newspaper, most people only read the headlines. This is not different for ads. Words are powerful, and you only have half a second to grab the interest of your audience.

You should be able to convey your message simply from the headline. Make it clear and creative.

Don’t be vague – Get them to take action

It’s easy to get lost in creativity trying to make your ads better. But remember: the most effective advertisements are simple and straight to the point.

Just take a look at Apple ads. Or H&M. Or Nike.

People should be able to not only understand your message but also to know how they can take action. If your customers don’t take action from these ads, it’s worthless.

Leverage video

While staring at the few people looking at these ads, I realized that they were staring at the one’s that were the most interactive.

Always depending on the medium and objective of your campaigns, leveraging video can definitely help you stand out. Videos evoke more senses, trigger more emotions and grab people’s attention easily.

Hope it helps. Because if you don’t stand out, you’re invisible and wasting money.