Not Everything Needs a ROI

Why does everything need a ROI nowadays?

I get it, you need sales. If you can track what bring you sales, you do more of that. That’s great. But what if some of the things that bring you the most sales, you can’t track them? What if some of the things that will bring you the most sales in the long term don’t pay in the short-term?

Let me give you an example… Do you buy Apple computers because you’ve Googled what is the best computer to buy? Probably not. You buy Apple computers because they have influenced you and created a desire in your mind and heart over the years.

That is called branding.

What’s the direct ROI of a great logo versus a correct one? What’s the direct ROI of a New York Times article? What’s the direct ROI of building a 200k audience on Instagram? What’s the direct ROI of answering comments and interacting with your audience?

Like Gary Vaynerchuk would say… what’s the ROI of your mother?

Branding is like real estate. You won’t get rich from it over night. But it pays a shit load of money on the long-term.

Now, I understand that you might have a small business and need sales to survive the short-term. I get this. I really do. I have bills to pay too.

My point here is simply that we should never neglect the things that will build our brand over the years. While we generate sales with things we can track, we should keep doing the things we can’t really track but that we know will grow our brand over the decades.

Strategies that will grow the momentum, tactics grow our audience and moves that will position ourselves for the long-term. So that when customers are ready to buy, then will choose us. Because maybe they are not right now. 

So that customers fall in love with us a little bit more every day. 

Branding is everything. Branding wins. Branding creates billion dollar companies. But sometimes it’s a matter of years. Not a matter of immediate ROI. Great marketers understand that. Trust your brand.