Oops I forgot the link…

If you’re building a list and using email marketing for your business, you’re probably using automated onboarding emails.

These emails are automated, sent on specific dates after your subscriber signs up. The goal of these emails can vary, but they all have the same purpose: reaching your subscribers and to have them to take action.

Here’s the thing: people don’t like automated conversations. They want to feel authenticity and feel like you’re sending the email yourself.

Here’s a little trick to bring a little dose of authenticity to these emails: incorporate “human errors” into them. More specifically, you could send a first email linking to one of your blog post or product, but forget the link in it on purpose. Then, immediately after, send another email saying that you forgot the link and put the link in this email.

This little hack will trigger a feeling of authenticity, make your onboarding process feels more legitimate, and boost engagement.